Question: Do They Find The Gold In Outer Banks?

Did Ward kill John B’s dad?

John B eventually decided to pick up where his dad left off and search for the treasure, with the help of his Pogue friends.

That search led him to the shocking discovery that Ward actually killed his father..

Who got the gold in Outer Banks?

When John B. gets to the gold’s original hiding place, it is gone. Ward officially possesses all of the Royal Merchant gold, which Big John spent 20 years trying to find — only for Ward to kill him over the secret. Learning that Ward was successful in his master plan is the ultimate slight for John B.

Do they find the money in Outer Banks?

The group eventually find the treasure—$400 million in gold bars—but before they can take the money for themselves, John B.’s girlfriend’s father, Ward Cameron, screws him over and takes the money for himself. In the finale, viewers also learn that Ward killed John B.’s father, which John B. reports to the police.

Does Sarah sleep with John B?

Topper then heads over and confronts John B, and claims John B has corrupted Sarah. … Sarah then expresses that she’s afraid that if they have sex, and she loses her virginity, that he will not like it — John B says they can wait. Sarah looks at him and says “thank you”, and they have sex.

Is Sarah’s dad bad in Outer Banks?

Highly abusive father Ward Cameron, yeah, well let’s state the obvious: he kills -or doesn’t do anything to save- John B’s father, he frames John B for a murder he did not commit, he steals the gold, yadda, yadda, yadda. … So he is a bad, abusive dad and a highly complicated person with a lot of demons.

Was Outer Banks a true story?

While it’s not based on a true story, the show does have real elements. As WWD reports, creators Josh and Jonas Pate tapped into their own experiences growing up in the Outer Banks for the show’s feel, slang and theme of haves and have-nots. The series revolves around the rivalry between the Kooks and the Pogues.

Who died on Outer Banks?

Kenneth Miller, 32 of Kitty Hawk, was leading a group of about 10 people on a nature tour of the Currituck Sound when his water scooter ran aground in the shallow water of Poplar Branch Bay, which leads into the sound, Sergeant John Beardsley with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission’s Law Enforcement …

Who does Kiara date in Outer Banks?

J.J. is the only Pogue Kiara hasn’t kissed The rule may be “no Pogue-on-Pogue macking,” but Kiara didn’t follow that in season 1 of Outer Banks. First, she kissed John B (Chase Stokes) in a moment of confused passion. Then, during the final episode of the season, Kiara kissed Pope (Jonathan Daviss).

Is Ward bad in Outer Banks?

Ward Cameron’s tangled Outer Banks web It turns out, however, that Ward’s a bad, bad man. … Then, it’s revealed that Ward was actually working with Big John in the search for the treasure, but betrayed his partner and left him for dead when his attempt to demand a larger cut of the find was refused.

Where is John B’s house in real life?

The marsh scenes were filmed around Morris Island (you can see the Morris Island lighthouse in the background of a lot of the shots) John B’s house – the Chateau – is located on James Island, per my friend @hillheady.

Who killed John B’s dad?

etched the word Redfield into his compass as a clue for John B. to later find the $400 million of gold. Weeks later, Ward sent Scooter to look for the gold. On his search, he came across John Sr.’s dead body and compass. But before he could return to the Outer Banks, Hurricane Agatha struck and killed him.

Do they find John B’s dad?

At the start of the show, we meet the orphan John B. (played by Chase Stokes), who swears that his father is still alive despite him having gone missing nine months earlier. By the end of the show’s first season, however, it seems as if we have confirmation that John B.’s father is really dead.

Does John B die in Outer Banks?

No, John B does not die in Outer Banks.

Did Mrs Crain kill her husband?

Crain is one of the recurring characters in Outer Banks. She is portrayed by Sharon E. Smith. She killed her husband Leon with an axe and hid the body under her house, to later be found by their daughter, Hollis, with his skull looking straight into his eyes.

Do the Pogues get the gold?

and the Pogues find the gold at the Crain mansion, an estate where an old woman who is believed to have killed her husband lives. They find the gold in a well in the basement of the house. They take one bar and make plans to come back for the rest. But Ward beats them to it and steals the gold for himself.

What happens to the gold in Outer Banks?

Ward steals the gold right out from under the Pogues, and loads it onto a private plane headed for the Bahamas. John B. pulls his best Dominic Toretto and blocks the runway with a van, so the plane can’t take off.

Where is Outer Banks filmed?

CharlestonIn a twist of production logistics, “Outer Banks” was shot on location in Charleston, S.C. The state landed the project after Netflix pushed back on filming the series in Wilmington, which was initially scouted, because of anti-LGBTQ legislation dating back to 2016’s House Bill 2.

Is John B and Sarah dating in real life?

John B and Sarah Cameron are dating in real life! On Sunday, Outer Banks star Chase Stokes confirmed his romance with costar Madelyn Cline on social media. The actor, 27, shared photos from the couple’s beach date on Instagram, along with the caption: “cats outta the bag.”