Question: Who Died On Outer Banks?

Does Sarah die in Outer Banks?

However, she dies at the hands of Ward’s son and Sarah’s brother Rafe (Drew Starkey)—though Ward manages to frame John B.

Everyone in the Outer Banks presumes they have died, but they wake up on a boat on the way to Nassau..

Is John B and Sarah dating in real life?

John B. & Sarah Cameron from ‘Outer Banks’ Are Dating in Real Life. … and Sarah Cameron’s relationship on Netflix’s Outer Banks, you might be pleased to know they’re dating in real life. That’s right, Chase Stokes recently revealed that he’s dating his Outer Banks co-star, Madelyn Cline.

Will there be a season 2 of Outer Banks?

Outer Banks officially renewed for season 2 at Netflix. The hit YA teen drama will return for more drama. … Outer Banks season 2 is officially a go at Netflix, three months after the first season premiered on the platform in April.

Is Sarah’s dad bad in Outer Banks?

Ward kicks out his 19-year son, I mean sure, he’s got reasons, but kids are not disposable, you are stuck with them, you can’t throw them away when they don’t fulfill your expectations or get themselves into a mess. So he is a bad, abusive dad and a highly complicated person with a lot of demons.

Does Ward get caught Outer Banks?

As the first season of Outer Banks nears its climax, John B. attempts to stop Ward’s plane from taking off by parking his van at the end of the runway. Sheriff Peterkin then shows up to arrest Ward. … Ward’s drugged-up son, Rafe (Drew Starkey), kills Peterkin, and Ward manages to pin the murder on John B.

Do they find John B’s dad?

In Episode 8, a flashback reveals that Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) and Big John had been working on finding the Royal Merchant together. … Believing he was dead, Ward pushed Big John’s body overboard. However, we later learn that John B’s dad actually survived and washed up on a nearby island, à la Castaway.

Does Pope like Kiara?

Pope. Pope’s feelings for Kiara are evident from fairly early on the first season. He watches on with jealousy as John B and Kiara dance together in The Wreck and is angry at Kiara when she focuses mainly on John B and the trouble he is in. He comforts Kiara when she gets upset over John B’s relationship with Sarah.

Do the Pogues find the gold?

and the Pogues find the gold at the Crain mansion, an estate where an old woman who is believed to have killed her husband lives. They find the gold in a well in the basement of the house. They take one bar and make plans to come back for the rest. But Ward beats them to it and steals the gold for himself.

Does Ward kill himself in Outer Banks?

Ward attacks John B, claiming it wasn’t his fault that his father died. Both men fight and struggle on the boat in a tense five minutes, but eventually, John B gets off the boat using a speed boat. Ward injures himself on purpose.

Did Sarah’s dad kill John B’s dad?

John B. learns that Ward Cameron, the father of his girlfriend Sarah Cameron, killed his dad when Ward asked him about the compass on a fishing trip.

Who is the sheriff working with Outer Banks?

Adina PorterAdina Porter, who is best known for her roles in ‘The 100’ and ‘American Horror Story’, plays the recurring role of Sheriff Susan Peterkin in ‘Outer Banks’.

Who does Kiara date in Outer Banks?

J.J. is the only Pogue Kiara hasn’t kissed The rule may be “no Pogue-on-Pogue macking,” but Kiara didn’t follow that in season 1 of Outer Banks. First, she kissed John B (Chase Stokes) in a moment of confused passion. Then, during the final episode of the season, Kiara kissed Pope (Jonathan Daviss).

Is Sheriff Peterkin dead?

To save Ward, his son, Rafe Cameron, shoots Sheriff Peterkin who dies in the hospital. To keep him off his tail, Ward frames John B. for Peterkin’s murder, which leads John B. … In the final moments of the finale, they find themselves on a boat headed to the Bahamas, where the gold was headed on Ward’s plane.

Does Sarah’s dad hurt B?

The final episodes Outer Banks season 1 revealed that Sarah’s dad Ward accidentally killed Big John. They were teammates in the search for the Royal Merchant’s treasure. When Big John finally tracked down the location of the hidden treasure, the two men fought over how they would divide it.

Who is John B’s dad?

John SeniorNetflix’s Outer Banks, which premiered on April 15, follows John Booker Routeledge (John B. for short) and his group of friends called the Pogues in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. In the first episode, it’s revealed that John B.’s father, John Senior, went missing at sea one year before the events of Outer Banks.

What happens to the gold in Outer Banks?

Ward steals the gold right out from under the Pogues, and loads it onto a private plane headed for the Bahamas. John B. pulls his best Dominic Toretto and blocks the runway with a van, so the plane can’t take off.

Is the dad alive in Outer Banks?

However, at the end of the season, it is revealed that they are both still alive and have been rescued by a boat on its way to Nassau in the Bahamas–the exact place where the treasure is heading.