Question: Why Does The Needle Deflects When Placed Near Magnetic Field?

What are the factors on which the strength of magnetic field depends?

So, the magnetic field depends on the current flowing, the number of turns in solenoid and length of the solenoid..

How does the needle of galvanometer deflect?

Astatic galvanometer The lower needle is inside a vertical current sensing coil of wire and is deflected by the magnetic field created by the passing current, as in the tangent galvanometer above.

Why does the galvanometer deflect in the opposite direction?

The galvanometer shows deflection in opposite direction because when current flows in opposite direction.

What happens to a compass in a magnetic field?

A compass is an instrument which is used to find the direction of a magnetic field. A compass consists of a small metal needle which is magnetised itself and which is free to turn in any direction. Therefore, when in the presence of a magnetic field, the needle is able to line up in the same direction as the field.

What happens to the deflection of the galvanometer pointer as the bar magnet?

Answer. deflection of the galvanometer pointer as the bar magnet is moved into or out of the 15-turn coil at different speeds ( rate of – 402602.

What happens when solenoid is moved quickly towards the bar magnet?

According to Len’s Law, the end A of solenoid will behave as South. … Therefore induced current through R will be from X to Y.

Why the needle is deflected from the North when there is current in the solenoid?

If you hold a compass near a wire through which current is flowing, the needle on the compass will be deflected. Since compasses work by pointing along magnetic field lines, this means that there must be a magnetic field near the wire through which the current is flowing.

Do surveyors use true or magnetic north?

Surveyors used a compass to determine the direction of survey lines. Compasses point to magnetic north, rather than true north. This declination error is measured in degrees, and can range from a few degrees to ten degrees or more.

Does galvanometer show direction of current?

If the south pole of the magnet is brought towards the solenoid, the galvanometer shows deflection. Current flows in the coil of the solenoid in the clockwise direction and the galvanometer shows deflection towards the left.

What happens when you place a compass near an electrical current?

If you hold a compass near a wire through which current is flowing, the needle on the compass will be deflected. … The magnetic field produced by an electric current is always oriented perpendicular to the direction of the current flow.

What causes the needle to deflect?

Answer. ♤ it experienced a force exerted by a magnetic field set due to a bar magnet. ♤ due to this magnetic force compass needle gets deflected when it is brought ear to a bar magnet.

How is the deflection in the compass needle affected as we move it along a field line?

Answer: When we move along the field line deflection in the compass needle is observed. The deflection increases as the needle move towards the poles because of magnetic field. The exertion of magnetic force that is observed in the surrounding of a magnet is called magnetic field.

What happens if you put a compass in a magnetic field?

A compass needle points north because the north pole of the magnet inside it is attracted to the south pole of Earth’s built-in magnet. … Now if the needle in your compass is pointing north, that means it’s being attracted (pulled toward) something near Earth’s north pole.

What happens to the galvanometer needle?

If the magnet is moved, the galvanometer needle will deflect, showing that current is flowing through the coil. When the magnet is moved one way (say, into the coil), the needle deflects one way; when the magnet is moved the other way (say, out of the coil), the needle deflects the other way.

What happens as you move the south side of the magnet into the coil?

Similarly, if you flip the magnet to bring its south pole towards the coil, the current flows in the direction that produces a magnetic field whose south pole faces the magnet, and if you pull the magnet away, it reverses so that the north pole faces the magnet.

How does a compass needle move when its placed in a magnetic field?

Describe how a compass needle moves when it is placed in a magnetic field. The compass will point in the direction of the magnetic field at that point. It will align itself tangent to the field line at that point.

What is the reason for one sided deflection in potentiometer?

The possible causes for the one sided deflection in the galvanometer during potentiometer experiment can be: 1. The potential difference between the ends of the potentiometer wire or the emf of the cell connected in the main circuit may not be greater than the emf of the cells whose emf are to be compared .

What does the arrow of the magnetic field line indicate?

The arrows represent invisible lines of force, known as magnetic field lines. They indicate the direction a compass arrow lies – pointing north–south.